About Us


The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as an Independent State to be recognized at the International Level.



To use political, economic, commercial, social and cultural arguments for helping the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to be recognised as an Independent State.


About Us

TKKTTOD (Turkish Association Of Northern Cyprus Turkish Chamber Of Industry) was founded by Turkey’s leading business people, academics, politicians and journalists ,in 2008. Our association has Turkish name By decision of the Council of Ministers , and at the same time

it is a NGO which has a privileged place with the reason that to carry the title of The Chamber of Commerce.

It’s name has 2 “Turkish” and “Room” which is “TURKISH-Northern Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Industry” was founded  Istanbul based for economically development of the TRNC.

Diplomatic negotiations which Starting in 2015 and continued in 2016 , conducted between Turkish and Greek Cypriot sides in Cyprus under the roof of the EU is expected to result in a permanent settlement.Thus,a new “Era” is entered in the Blue Pearl Of The Mediterranean Cyprus.Towards a political solution , Cyprus is becoming a society open to future development , when negotiations began again in the UN, where it was drawing one step closer to the solution in such a climate.

We decided to restructure TKKTTO society with this positive momentum in a new environment.

Cyprus  has geo-strategic importance island which is the transition point important international waterways in the Mediterranean.In the last period , Cyprus has gained more importance due to the presence of possible energy sources and located in the eastern Mediterranean Energy Corridor.

Cyprus has made economic growth a priority while on the way to a just and lasting political solution.The new era that will be created in the economy ,will have a direct impact on the integration of the communities in Cyprus.

Turkish Association Of Northern Cyprus Turkish Chamber Of Industry ; to have a respected place among the countries of the world Cyprus , the creation of the arguments for foreign investors to come Cyprus, Education and Cultural Studies in Cyprus and working with the objective of developing different projects.With this year, our economic and commercial activities,, we are planning to extend to the whole island, including the Turkish side of the island.

Investment Issues;

  • Ongoing peace process in the light of analysis of the economic and political situation of Cyprus.
  • Discussion on joint Management of natural gas and crude oil discovered in the Mediterranean,
  • $ 50 Billion in the amount of the planned investments in the background of  “Maraş” vision for the revitalization of the area.
  • Security finance and investment, the EU development programmes and the development of the banking sector in the context of the reunification of the island.
  • Introducing North Cyprus Development Program, consideration of the concept of Sustainable Development,
  • Infrastructure, roads, telecommunications,sewerage, sewage Treatment Plants And waste projects
  • Energy Sources Based On Renewable Energy Sources
  • Transportation focusing on Hybrid and electric drive vehicles,
  • In connection with a turkish cypriot pipeline for water supply,
  • Medical Care Development,
  • Ecological Construction,
  • Education with school research centres,innovation and application centers.Development of knowledge and technology transfer,
  • A new generation of tourism
  • Innovations in agricultural production, agro-tourism and organic agriculture with emphasis on optimization of exports,
  • Environmental Protection And Cultural Heritage

Our purposes;

Helping Cyprus to be recognized as an independent state of the Turkish Republic of Northern,

National and international commercial activities,

Bring together Investors with investment,

Provide training and consulting services,